Considered as one of the best known artist in Seychelles as well as in Europe and the U.S.A, Seychellois artist Gerard Devoud paints colourful abstract and naïve sceneries of the archipelago. This unique style reflects a strong character to express the strength of his feeling.

A self-taught artist, born in 1955, he wanted to paint from the time that he won a school art competition as a young boy.

His first exhibition was held at the Pirates Arms Hotel in Victoria in 1974 at the age of 19 years. He then left for Paris where he studied plastic art and later in 1976, when Seychelles gained its Independence from Britain, he contributed enormously in making his country known to the world by offering his paintings to various important personalities who had been invited to attend the festivities.

He also exhibited his silk screens in France, Switzerland, England, Italy, Germany, Belgium, U.S.A, India, Mauritius and lately in Jersey Island. Gerard's largest exhibition was in Seychelles in 1988, when he exhibited a grand total of 72 paintings. He does sell his originals, but the silk-screens lithographs are much more affordable.

He currently runs his art gallery at the Valmer Resort at Baie Lazare where he displays and sells his wide collection of paintings which depicts the beauty, culture and everyday life of the Seychelles. He also issues an authentic certificate with all his paintings.

Because of its location, the gallery has become very popular amongst visitors particularly those residing in the south west of Mahe. It has also earned the reputation as one of the best galleries in the south region.

During the Miss World 1997, several contestants and other distinguished personalities visited and bought several silk-screens of this well-known artist.